Congratulations to Taqred!

Congratulations goes to Taqred Alnakhli on successfully defending her Master’s thesis,  “Computational Insights into Sulfur-Crosslinking Enzymatic Mechanisms”, on Mar. 29, 2018! We hope you learned a lot and enjoyed your short time in the Gauld Group and wish you the best of luck on your next step in life (PhD?).

The Gauld Group enjoying Lebanese food at Mare Nostrum in celebration of Taqred’s successful defence. Pictured are Anupom, Sahar, Taqred, Prof. Gauld, and Paul (left to right).


Professor Llano visits the Gauld group

Professor Jorge Llano, a previous post-doc of the Gauld group and currently teaching at MacEwan University in Edmonton, visited the group for three weeks in June. His wealth of computational and physical chemistry knowledge has been invaluable for the group. Professor Llano is also quite the avid Coke Zero fan. Hopefully Coca-Cola takes notice and sponsors this “research” of sorts. Thank you for your visit. We hope you will come back again in the future.


Professor Llano amasses a rather outstanding Coke Zero collection throughout his three week visit.

Goodbye Mohamed

Mohamed spent his last day in the Gauld group on June 23, 2017. Thanks for the cake, Dr. Mohamed. Good luck with your post-doc in Lethbridge. 19449399_1288777604525341_1143021673_o.jpg

Some Graduate School Advice…

Julio Peironcely offers some wonderful insights and advice into the expectations of students pursuing graduate studies and what they should expect in return. His article is featured on the Next Scientist blog (one of the recommendations!). Check it out here.

Congratulations Dr. Mohamed

Congratulations to Mohamed Aboelnga on a successful Ph. D. defense on June 9, 2017. He will be continuing with post-doctoral research in Lethbridge. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Supercomputers Against Superbugs


Travis holding his 1st place trophy

This year’s 3 minute thesis competition brought 12 finalists to compete for the opportunity to present their research at the provincial level (and a nice $1000 cash bonus!). Travis was able to defeat his foes with his talk, Supercomputers Against Superbugs. Congratulations Travis for winning 1st place! He will go on to present his talk at the University of Waterloo on April 12.  Good luck.